- Semi-Precious Stones & Other


AMETHYST Amethyst ranges in color from lilac to deep purple. The deep colors are the most valuable particularly rich purple with rose flashes. Available in rounds and all fancy shapes.


AQUAMARINE Ranges in color from light sky blue to deep blue. A member of the Beryl family. One of the most popular and famous gemstones. The more intense the color, the more valuable the stone.



CITRINE This golden quartz is named after the French name for lemon citron. Citrine ranges in color from yellow to gold to orange brown. The darker, orange brown color is generally the most valuable.


GARNET Garnet is the denomination for a group of over ten gemstones with a similar chemical structure. The color red occurs most frequently but there are also shades of green, yellow, and orange. Crest Gems carries Mozambique, Rhodalite, Spessatite, Hessonite, and Tsavorite garnets.

Iolite is a purplish blue violet stone that is readily available and very affordable.


PERIDOT Peridot is one of the few gemstones which exist only in one color, a shimmering green. Also known as Chrysolith and Olivin.


QUARTZ Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth. Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine, rose quartrz, onyx, agates, chrysophase, smoky quartz, lemon quartz, and cognac quartz are quartz gemstones. Crest Gems specializes in smoky, lemon, and cognac quartz.


TANZANITE Tanzanite is a very special and unique gemstone. World wide it occurs in only one specific location, in the east African state of Tanzania. The deep blue of Tanzanite ranges from ultramarine to light purplish blue. The most coveted color is a blue with a purplish hue.

TOPAZ Topaz is found in clear, blue, pink, orange-red, and red-brown colors. Clear topaz is quite prevalent and has little value. Blue topaz is rare in nature but easily creasted from clear by irradiation. Crest Gems carries Swiss Blue, Sky Blue, London Blue, and White Topaz.


TOURMALINE Tourmaline is found in a wide spectrum of colors, red and green and range from blue to yellow. Often they show two or more colors Crest Gems specializes in Pink and Green Tourmaline.

ZIRCON Zircon occurs in a wide range of colors but for many years the most popular was the colorless variety which looks more like a diamond than any other natural gemstone. Today natural zircon suffers for the similarity of its name to cubic Zirconia, the laboratory grown diamond imitation. Today the most popular color is Blue Zircon. Crest Gems carries blue, white, and brown zircon.

CAMEO Cameos are created through the carving of marine shells. Womens faces, flowers, animals are some of the more popular cameos. Most cameos are hand carved using techniques that are unchanged for many centuries.
Crest Gems stocks First Quality Cornelian oval cameos. Extra fine quality is available on a special order basis.

CORAL Grows in branches that look like trees in warm ocean waters of the south Pacific. Its color ranges from white to red. The most valuable colors are red, black, and,
Pink which is known as angel skin coral. Coral is very soft and scratches easily.
Unfinished coral is dull. Polishing gives it a beautiful gloss.

Crest Gems stocks coral cabachons, and beads.




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